Will adding carbon to the wash improve the finished spirit?

In a word Yes.

What happens is simple, during fermentation the wash produces fusel oils which need to be removed and the sooner the better. By adding 1 packet of Still Spirits Turbo Carbon (liquid carbon) to the wash at the beginning of fermentation the fusel oils are absorbed by the carbon as they are produced.

When to add the carbon?

Simply mix the dextrose and water, add your Turbo Carbon, stir till dissolved, and add your yeast – it’s that easy.

Once fermentation is finished, make sure you use ‘Turbo Clear’ to drop all of the unfermented sugars and excess carbon to the bottom of the fermenter before transferring the wash to your boiler and distilling.

Give it a go – you might be surprised by the result.

(Note that fermenter used for making a spirit wash with carbon will stain and can not be used for beer afterwards)

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