Why does the spirit drip through the continous filter to fast?

If the spirit runs through too quickly it is usually due to the filter paper not sitting correctly. This can occur when the continuous filter has not been cleaned properly after use.

Always ensure all Finishing Carbon is cleaned out of the cartridge. The filter paper can also be dislodged by the spirit reacting with the Finishing Carbon. Simply repack the cartridge using the same carbon and paper.

Helpful Hint: The carbons are designed to work in tandem. When you open the tap and start the flow of spirit to the filter cartridge, some of the HA Carbon comes down with the spirit.

This forms a coating on the filter paper which then filters out any more carbon. If you reset the filter and don’t have sufficient HA Carbon on the paper then the filter paper may not work correctly. To remedy this simply ensure some of the HA Carbon is mixed into the first lot of spirit that comes down the tube. Also ensure that you use Still Spirits HA Carbon as your first treatment in the Continuous Filter.

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