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Frequently Asked Questions

Postage Costs

Postage costs are automatically calculated via Australia Post through our website at the checkout stage. Simply select the items you wish to purchase and proceed to checkout, enter your postal details and the different postage options and prices will be displayed. At this point you can choose to decline or accept, If you would like to proceed with the purchase you simply select the preferred postage option, confirm your order and make payment.

How to Change Your Customer Details

All customer details are able to be changed by you the user, when logging into our website. Also upon completion of your purchases it will ask you to check your details against what is currently registered on the system and make any changes necessary, It is at this stage you can update phone numbers, addresses etc.

Phone Support

For any questions, queries or online support, please ring us on (07) 4041 6608 between
9am-5pm weekdays, or 9am-2pm Saturdays (Queensland Time).

Information on Stills and Spirit Making

We do sell all the necessary equipment and products to distil, and it is a very easy process to do in your own home without any licencing if you live in New Zealand. For our Australian Customers, legally you cannot distil spirits in Australia without an excise manufacturer licence. You can however own a 5 litre capacity still (complete) for distillation of water or essential oils, or own a still condenser separate and a 25L Wort boiler separate, without a licence, and without breaking the law.

You can find out more information about the law surrounding distilling spirits at

If you have any questions, or would like any further information, please ring us on (07) 40416608 between 9-5pm weekdays, or 9-2pm Saturdays (Queensland Time).

Which Yeast is Best?

With yeast it is an old case of quantity over quality. Most Turbo yeasts have added yeast nutrient in them to speed up fermentation and add volume to your finished product. Think of yeast nutrient like fertiliser, you add it to your flowers they grow fast and look great, add it to your tomatoes and the taste is not as nice as if they were organic! It is similar with yeast that is full of nutrient, yeast nutrient will give you a higher volume of alcohol but is full of impurities, and gives the alcohol a rough, Yeasty, smell and taste.

If you want higher quantity of alcohol, use a turbo yeast. If you want better quality alcohol, use Essencia Super 6 (ultra pure) yeast or Still Spirits Heat Turbo.

Liqueur Bases

All liqueurs need a base except for the Willards Pre-Mix, Icon & Party Pak range.

You can use either a powdered base (still spirits) which uses 1 packet per essence, or a liquid base (Essencia Ezibase) which you add 250ml per essences for liqueurs and 500ml Ezibase cream for cream liqueurs (baileys etc). This will let you achieve the added sweetness and thickening commercial liqueurs have. A chart of which bases go with which essence is available using this link:

How much Alcohol does each Essence Flavour?


  • All Top Shelf, Essencia & Willards (including pre-mix) Liqueurs make 1.125ltrs
  • All Party Pak liqueurs make 1.125ltrs
  • All Prestige Liqueurs make 750ml
  • All Icon Liqueurs make 750ml
  • All Edwards Liqueurs make 1.4ltrs


  • All Top Shelf, Essencia, Maguire’s, Classic, Gold Medal & Willards Spirit Essences (including Gold Star) make 2.25ltrs
  • All Noble Spirit Essences make 2.25ltrs (except 1770 Rum, Polar Bear Rum & Black Label Whisky which make 1.4ltrs)
  • All Prestige Spirit Essences make 750ml
  • All Edwards Spirit Essences make 3.5ltrs
  • All Original Spirit Essences make 5ltrs
  • All Spirits Unlimited Spirit Essences make 5ltrs
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