Carlsberg Elephant Beer -7.2%!


  • 1.7kg Morgan’s Blue Mountain Lager,
  • Premium Blend (Brewing Blend),
  • 12g Fuggles Hop,
  • 1.6kg Dextrose (Brewing Sugar),
  • 2 x American Ale Yeast (Safale US-05).,
  • Finings (Beer Clearing Agent)

This is a tasty brew, more renowned for its high alcohol content then anything else. Never the less it is a nice beer to have in storage, to be pulled out on special occasions!


Pour 2 litres of boiling water into your fermenter, Add the 1.7kg Blue Mountain Lager Tin, 1kg Premium Blend and 1.6kg Dextrose, mix well. Add 12gr Fuggles Hop (tea bag) into the fermenter (with the boiling water mix) and allow to stand for 10-15 minutes. Top up fermenter to 23 litres with cold water and sprinkle both American Ale Yeast into wort. Put lid on fermenter and airlock in place full of water and allow to ferment. Approx 2 days before fermentation is complete, mix your sachet of Finings into a cup of warm water, stir to completely dissolve then pour solution into fermenter, and lightly stir the top of the wort to spread solution evenly. Leave wort to finish fermenting (use a hydrometer to check when your wort is finished fermenting), then bottle/keg.

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