Exploding Bottles?

This condition can only be caused by excess sugars in the bottles after capping, and this could have been created in two ways.

1/ You may have bottled too early, when there were still unfermented sugars in the brew. This can often happen when the actual brewing is during winter. In cold conditions, a brew can ferment reasonably while fermentation is active (generating a bit of heat) but can stop prematurely when the activity lessens. The remaining unfermented sugars will in time over gas the bottles.
2/ You may have added too much sugar to each bottle. Some people are of the opinion that if one teaspoon to each bottle makes a good brew then three teaspoonfuls will make it even better – NOT SO. Crazily, some still believe that the alcohol content of the finished beer depends on the sugar you add to each bottle. You may have primed a bottle twice with sugar. It’s easy to do – If the odd bottle is inconsistent with the rest of the batch, you have doubled up.

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