Why Is My Beer Hazy?

All home brews with the help of ‘finings’ should clear reasonably well in the fermenter before bottling/kegging, then should settle out in the bottle/keg to be crystal clear. If your beer refuses to clear after a reasonable time, ten to one it’s affected by one of the following problems:

1. Oxidization – This is caused by excessive exposure to oxygen during bottling.

2. Starch haze – This means a hazy state created by the addition of starchy additives to the brew.

3. Chill haze – Occasionally when a beer is chilled. It may become slightly hazy. This condition can occur with any beer. It is caused by a slightly higher than normal protein content in the basic ingredients. The beer is perfectly all right. There is no effect on taste, as it is a natural occurrence. Save these ones for black outs, by the way, chill haze is quite common and natural in wheat beers.

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