What temperature do I run my still at?

Different stills run at different temperatures, and if in doubt you should check ­with the manufacturer/supplier of your particular brand of still. However majority of stills are designed to run similarly. The temperature that ethyl alcohol boils off at is 78C-82C and therefore if your still has a temperature gauge in the top of the condenser (usually in a rubber bung situated at the top) it should run between 78C-82C (with 78C being ideal). If your still has a water outlet thermometer to gauge the temperature, it usually sits between 50C-65C (dependant on the brand of still). For an Essencia Express Condenser (or Essencia water outlet thermometer used with any still) the temperature is 50C-55C. With a Turbo 500 Condenser, the water outlet temperature should sit between 55C-65C (with 60C being the ideal).

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