I Keep Getting A Yeast Taste In My Beer?

This is a problem frequently experienced and has three main causes:

1/ Poor hygiene is the most common cause so ensure you sterilize everything with a quality sterilizer. We recommend the ‘Liquid Solution (Stericlean) 1L’ because it has the ability to clean and sterilize. Sodium Metabisulphite and No Rinse Sterilisers can be used but remember they do not clean your equipment, they sterilizer only!

2/ When sterilising your kegs, ensure the keg is filled with sterilizer, sealed with Co2, then turned upside down overnight. This will allow sterilizer to get into the keg posts and other fittings which have a habit of harboring bacteria. Also make sure to run steriliser through your beer lines periodically to maintain a clean and sterile system!

3/ Fermenting at too high a temperature, commonly causes a yeast taste in the beer due to excessive heat. Make sure you ferment your beer as cool as possible (no hotter than 25C being ideal) and use only cold water for making your wort during summer. We recommend you freeze some small sterilized containers of ice and add them to the brew after you have mixed the malt. This will help to get the temperature down, as water from the tap in FNQ gets extremely warm during summer!

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