I have discoloured spirit?

Generally blue or green colour in the alcohol can be caused from to much nutrient in the wash. You are not able to ‘stack’ Turbo Yeast washes, meaning you cannot do a double brew in a 60L fermenter (with twice the sugar and two turbo yeasts), as the excessive nutrient gives the alcohol this colour and unpleasant taste. This is hard to remove, re-distilling and filtering may help but often wont remove it entirely.

Cloudy spirit (which is discoloured from the clear we are used to) is from foaming through of the wash into your spirit. See: What measures can I take to guard against cloudy spirit? section.

Yellow spirit can also be produced if too much spirit has been collected on the previous run. Byproducts build up inside the condenser and are flushed out with the next run. After watering down your spirit, carbon treatment should remove this yellow, but redistilling the alcohol gives the brewer peace of mind. Clean the condenser before re-use.

With older model condensers can sometimes produce discoloured spirit the first or second time that they are used (from new). All condensers are acid washed to remove welding flux etc. after manufacture but problems can still arise.

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