T500 Wort Boiler 25L


The T500 Wort Boiler allows you to boil beer grains, malts and hops (or for our New Zealand customers, attach a condenser for alcohol distillation).

Suits but does not include T500 Copper Condenser, T500 Stainless Condenser & Alembic Dome Copper Pot Condenser.

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Turbo 500 25L Stainless Steel Boiler with dual element control.

The latest Still Spirits boiler compatible with the Turbo 500 system and the Still Spirits Alembic Dome Pot Still.  It contains a dual element feature providing the opportunity to control the power heat and boil speed. It provides you the option and advantage to distil using less power and speed when distilling botanicals with an alembic dome pot condenser.

It is made of quality, 304 grade stainless steel and features side locking clamps to secure the lid to the boiler. The lid features heat resistant silicone O-ring and a 44mm opening which is compatible to the T500 and Alembic Dome condenser.

Features include…

  • 30 Grade Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Thermal cut out fuse.
  • Dual Element control switch.
  • Boil dry reset.
  • Ball-Lock waste discharge tap .
Weight 5.3 kg


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