Premium Vodka Yeast – Pure Distilling


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Makes the Highest Quality Vodka.

Premium Vodka Yeast.

Clean and Sterilise all equipment. You will need a fermenter with a capacity preferably greater than 25 L, a stirring paddle and an airlock.
Use with 6 KG of sugar or for best results use 7 KG of Dextrose. For best results use 6 KG of Dextrose for 13% ABV. For recipes with grains, fruits or potatoes, use Alpha Amylase and Glucoamylase to maximise efficiency.
Prepare 21 L of warm water at 30 degrees. Add your fermentables (sugars) and stir until completely dissolved. This can take some time and effort. Add this yeast sachet and stir gently.
Ferment for a minimum of 7 days, recipes with grains fruit or potatoes will need additional fermentation time
Ideal fermentation temperature range is 20 – 25 degrees.
When fermentation has finished use Pure Distilling Crystal Clear to prepare the wash for distillation.
When distilling, ensure the use of Pure Distilling Conditioner as the wash will tend to foam.

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